Saturday, August 2, 2008

A little bit of catch up

I don't know what my problem has been lately I just haven't been in the blogging mood. Life for us is great. Summer has gone by way too fast and has been a blast. I went to Ecuador and worked in an orphanage, went to taos NM and chilled with the hippies of the world, ran in the mud run, did a triathlon and now we are just chillin' waiting for life's next big adventure. He are the latest pictures of my kids and what not.

Ellies Birthday party... she is 4 now.

Solar festival in Taos. Love that place!!!

Sliding rock, we have been up in the mountains much more this summer. It has been great!

Im back

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Creative side

Ang, here is the photo board that I love so much. Thanks to my friend Amber who taught me how to make it.

Happy Birthday Crue!!!

I can't believe he is the big ONE! What a cute little guy we have at our home. He goes by cruie, shushu, cruiser, and cruebe. (Most of the names Ellie came up with) He is such a funny little guy who always makes us smile. My most favorite to do is get him up in the morning. Right when you walk in his room he gets this burst of energy and goes nuts. He starts bouncing up and down, shakes his head, then he'll find his blanket and snuggle into it and start laughing. I'm never in a bad mood after seeing that.
We had a little birthday party for him which most of the time I think the little guy felt overwhelmed. He got great gifts from all of his cousins and grandparents. It is so nice to have cars, trains, dinosaurs, and balls littered throughout our house now. I'm still amazed that he loves to play with all of it and finds no interest in Ellies stuff. I guess that saying "boys will be boys" rings true. Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated his birthday.

Look out J.Lo!!

I have never in my life seen anyone so excited about an event as Ellie was for her dance "cicital." She was so trilled to put on some of mom's makeup and put her costume on. She was a crack up. Her lipstick had to be just right, I think I reapplied 6 times before we left. I think I have created a diva and then some.

Practicing her moves before the big perfomance.
I was so nervous for her, the same feeling I had at good old Jazz-n-Place. I didn't think that she would do it, I thought she would come out see all the people and then just start yelling my name. To my surprise she came out with such confiedence and found her mark and was ready to dance. That mark that she did find would occupy her the entire dance. The other little dancers would be engaged in following the teacher, but Ellie was trying to see her mark and with that fluffy tutu it made things a little hard. Needless to say it was hillarous. She did a great job and made her family smile. After she kept asking everyone if she was a "bootiful dancer.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Jump-on-It, A tadje dream!

Here is most of the Tadje fam. We are missing Melissa and Dan. We went to jump on it and had a blast. It is a Tadje dream there. I've never see so many grown men have so much fun. I am very glad that we didn't have a trip to the ER because some of the tricks they were pulling were crazy!

Morgan, Ellie, Annie, Kiki, and Angie

Richard doing a 720!

Jona doing a backflip

Ryan doing backflip from tramp to tramp,

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Trying to be a Photographer!

So I have been playing around with some of my pictures because sometimes I think that I am a photographer. Here are some of the latest. This is a picture I took of my niece Abby at Ellie's Birthday party.
Here is cute little Crue in the bathtub. He loves his tub and I love to watch him go crazy in there.

I took this before the boys went riding. They were good sports as I was trying to be creative. What a good looking group of boys. Love you guys.

Ellie and her little friend Ashley in Disneyland. What a great time we had there! They were the cutest little princesses.
Ellie loves dance so much. She wears her dance clothes everyday and wants to go everyday. She will go in the gym and dance around and sing princess songs. She didn't get that from me.